Month: June 2013


Sports Marketing Final Project: Photoshop Marketing Project

You and a partner have become partners in a Marketing & Graphic Design Firm which has received the account for an NBA,NHL,NFL and MLB team. You will be assigned a team and asked to create an interior and exterior marketing message for the team using the following themes: Graphic 1: A timeline of team history …


Final Screen-cast Presentations Business Logo>Card>Brochure>Web Page Project

Final Screen-cast Presentations Business Logo-Card-Brochure-Web Site Project Web Design 1 & 2 Mr.Downs Tools: Screen-castomatic,Google Documents,Desktop Computer Description:Using screen-cast-omatic you will create a detailed video in which describe the tools and software used(Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Notepad,Illustrator,Templates for Brochures,Business cards) and your own “personal design process” in the creation of the graphics for your web design business. In the videos …