Lesson 1: Jquery Mobile Web

Lesson 1:
Jquery Mobile Web:
Use Smashing Magazine and
Honkiat pages as guides(links on other doc).
Introduced Jquery for:
jQuery Mobile can help in
the following circumstances:
screen sizes, pixel densities (DPI) and orientations;
compatibility in terms of HTML5 and CSS3;
platforms appearing every couple of months (if you don’t believe me, Windows 8,
Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10 will reach the market in the next couple of
Dozens of
hacks that we need to implement for each platform and to update almost every
couple of months when a new browser appears.
jQuery Mobile was released
to help designers and developers create mobile Web experiences that are easy to
build, multiplatform, customizable and unobtrusive in code.
jQuery Mobile is not:
●      jQuery
alternative for mobile browsers;
SDK for
packaging native Web apps;
a framework
for JavaScript lovers (“Huh?” Just wait a paragraph);
the right
solution for all mobile applications and websites.
Platform for variety of
mobile operating systems
HTML5 Based
Page within
a page
Links to necessary files to Jquery to work.
Good for variety of screen
Features and OS Support
View Template 1:Go through
code and discuss the layout and components