Consulting & Speaking

NISGTC Curriculum Development​ Bunker Hill Community College-Certificate in
Mobile Application Development
​May 2012 -April 2014
Chosen to write curriculum for Certificate in Mobile Development program at institution.
Currently includes two separate tracks (IOS & Android) in a total of 6 courses as part of
Department of Labor Grant with Collins College.
Technology Curriculum Development Consultation Springfield Public Schools
Springfield, Massachusetts ​August & November 2012
Provided a weeklong training and curriculum development in mobile application
curriculum for staff of the Technology Department of the Springfield Public Schools.
Technology Curriculum Consultation –St. Thomas Aquinas High School Dover, NH
​January 2012
Met with Technology leadership team and helped them develop strategies for integrating
mobile applications into their curriculum.
Developing a Mobile Applications Curriculum for Educators Endicott College 2012
Beverly, Massachusetts
Course aimed at teachers to help them integrate mobile develop into their technology
curriculum. Course covers a variety of projects and strategies for app design and
development for teachers.
Digital Photography for Teachers Endicott College 2008
Beverly, Massachusetts
Digital photography course enabling teachers integrate digital images into lessons and
curriculum. Strategies for helping teachers to manage a variety of image editing programs
such as Adobe Photoshop and Picasa is also part of the course.
MassCUE Leadership Training for Technology Directors January 2012
A three-day intensive leadership training covering the aspects of network management,
technology curriculum and leadership strategies for leaders in technology.
“Student Experiences In A Project-Based Technology Curriculum At A Suburban
High School”
The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand the group dynamic in PBL task
delegation and technology skill fluency through the language of its participants. The
researcher collected themes, experiences, and decisions depicted in the language of high
school students as they negotiated a final project using computer technology tools to
create mobile applications for their high school community.
“Teachers Guide to Developing Mobile Apps”
Teachers’ curriculum and instructional guide to implementing a mobile applications
curriculum. Manual developed as part of National Science Foundation Grant and Boston
Area Technology Education Collaborative (BATEC).
Invited Presentations:
Tech & Learning Boston May 2015
“Video In The Classroom”
Newton, Massachusetts
MassCUE Conference October 2014
“An Overview Of The Andover Innovation Lab & Help Desk”
TSTT (Today’s Student’s Tomorrow’s Teachers) Conference December
“Project Based Learning Using Technology”
Wheelock College, Boston, Massachusetts
Linux Northeast March 2013
Presenting “Benefits of Linux for Android Development”
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Boston Tech Forum April 2012
Led educator roundtable on the topic “Students Developing Mobile Applications”
Burlington, Massachusetts
EDCO Learning Collaborative February 2012
Waltham, Massachusetts
Mobile application curriculum integration strategies for Instructional
Technologists from around the state.
Workshop Presentations:
Technology In Education Conference Collaborative January 2014
“Empowering Students With Authentic Learning
With Mobile Application Development”
Holyoke, Massachusetts
TechCon Andover Public Schools August 2013
“Project-Based Learning With Technology”
“Developing Flipped Classroom Resources”
Andover Public Schools
Bunker Hill Community College Summer Career Days
July 2012
“Employability Skills & Mobile Development”
Bunker Hill Community College Charlestown, Massachusetts
MassCUE Conference October 2011,2012,2013
“Developing a Mobile Applications Curriculum Workshop”
Gillette Stadium Foxborough, Massachusetts
MassCUE Leadership Conference March 2012
“Leadership Strategies with Mobile Curriculum”
Holy Cross College Worcester, Massachusetts
Research Activities:
Doctoral Research on Project Based Learning Curriculum with Multimedia
Developed “Mobile Application Curriculum using Flash CS 5.5” 2011-2012
Curriculum using Adobe Flash software to design and create mobile applications.
Awards and Honors:
Teacher/Staff Tribute 2008/2009 The Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence
Celebrating Innovation & Excellence
Teacher/Staff Tribute 2010/2012 The Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence
Celebrating Innovation & Excellence