Easy Photoshop Basics 2: Adding Text & Layers (hex colors,moving layers,fonts)

In this tutorial the focus is on developing a better understanding of how to edit text, arrange it on the page and
format it within a document. You are also shown how to create new layers and choose to have a background color,transparency or pattern. You are also show how to edit the names of layers and move them around in the layers palette. The move tool to arrange specific layers is also shown.


3 Keys Provided:

  1. Understanding the use of hex colors can greatly benefit your choice of colors. Use a color scheme designing web tool to assist with choosing hex colors for color harmony in projects.
  2. Being able to adeptly adjust font styles and colors for projects will greatly enhance designs and layouts. Be sure to review all potential fonts and how their sizes could be used to create impact in a design.
  3. Design with the end in mind. Using the appropriate fill layers when when beginning a project will help you envision as you move along. Don’t be afraid to adjust the opacity or density of colors for impact. Also consistently use the arrangement of layers to review your layout.

Review The Video: 

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