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IBM Teacher With Watson Provides Open Source Solution

In the past year a new option for introducing educators to openly licensed education materials has been introduced. Tagged as IBM’s philanthropic project for education. In a call with representatives from IBM I was  provided a great walkthrough on the resources available and how the IBM Watson technology enhances OER curation. I have provided the contact details of those representatives below.

The resources are currently targeted at the K-5 Math educators and can be tied to both state and national standards. I personally signed up for an account and found the resource easy to use and the IBM Watson technology provided an intuitive search for resources based on the need of the user as opposed to the selected term.

Go to http://www.teacheradvisor.org , create an account and try it out for yourself. If you are an elementary math educator you will certainly find it a useful tool to try. If you are a fan of highly adaptable OER resources that can support digital instruction  I think you will find the search technology of Watson an amazing addition to the world of OER curation tools.

I have provided the contact information of the representatives from IBM Watson below.

Hari Raghavan hraghav@us.ibm.com

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