Outline Of Summer Minuteman Web Design & Development Course

Week 1

Module 1: Basic Web Layouts With HTML5 & CSS3
-Videos 1 & 2 for layout

Module 2: Website Planning & Concept Development
Proof of concept

Module 3: Modifying Layouts & Box Models
Layout planning-content design

Module 4:Creating A CSS Gallery
Image resizing
hover effects
image code

Module 5: Enhancing Layouts & Fonts With CSS3
opacity/shadow text/animation/

Week 2

Module 6: Web Graphics & Photoshop
-Introduction to Photoshop (Basic Photoshop Tuts.)
-Creating Web Banners & Graphics(Show examples and styles)
-Integration of color theory(can use hex colors to support color scheme)

Image Tutorials
-How to do selective coloring
-Adding borders and Text.
-Blurs and formats

Module: ??   HTML5 Web Graphics
Canvas Tag
Google Web Designer

Module 7: Web Forms & PHP/ Javascript Basics (contact form and image switcher)
-Outline the basics of programming languages.(variables,objects,method)
-Discuss security of the form.
-Introduction to Javascript and interactive pages.

Module 8: Site Organization & Hosting
-Managing FTP
-Organizing the layout and links
-Organizing the file structure

Week 3

Module 9: Creating A One Page PHP Site(Instructional Webpage: Teach Us Something)

Module 10: Using JQuery For A Responsive Web App
-Use Basic Jquery Template for starting

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