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IBM Teacher With Watson Provides Open Source Solution

In the past year a new option for introducing educators to openly licensed education materials has been introduced. Tagged as IBM’s philanthropic project for education. In a call with representatives from IBM I was  provided a great walkthrough on the resources available and how the IBM Watson technology enhances OER curation. I have provided the contact …


What’s Next For The “Hour Of Code” Impact In Our Classrooms

During the “Hour Of Code” week of December 7th-11th over 500 students in the North Reading Middle School and High School and all students in the 3 elementary schools participated in a variety programming and coding activities. The Hour of Code is a Global event promoted by the Code.org organization which introduces students to programmatic …


Hornet Card: “TIM” Matrix-The Technology Integration Matrix Tool

This Hornet Card provides the basic outline of the “TIM” Matrix for identifying different learning environments with educational technology. This is really a powerful rubric for evaluating a range of factors in k-12 technology integration.


Andover Innovation Lab & Instructional Technology Update Andover High School Week Of October 27th- 31st 2014

What a great week to be back after a rejuvenating MassCUE conference at Gillette Stadium! At Andover High School we are really in the flow of integrating Google Sites, Google Classroom and a variety of other technology tools into the classroom. Class Charts Seating Chart App  I will start off with a share that I …


Instructional Technology Update- Andover High School-Grades 6-12 Daniel Downs Week of October 6th-10th 2014

This week began with a tour of Andover High School for a group of  Dutch Superintendents who visited to see how we currently integrate technology within our school. We were able we were able to make a video of their tour with a variety of different classrooms using technology. We  stopped in to the special …


Tis the Season For Google Hangouts….End Of Year Assessment Time

At this time of year as the school year draws to a close both at the High School I work at and the Community College I teach at I like to close with something new for the students. This semester I chose to use the collaborative Google Hangout for sharing of course materials,a good laugh …