Video: Exploring Chrome Apps & Extensions For Education

Chrome Apps & Extensions can greatly extend your ability to utilize apps and tools for the web right within the Chrome Browser.
View this video to get an overview of how to find them, add them, and look for new ones to support your teaching.

Chrome Apps & Extensions
Find Apps:
Find Extensions:

What’s the Difference ?
A major difference between Chrome extensions and web apps is the fact that while extensions are used to enhance the functionality of the Chrome Browser, web apps run within the browser having a different user interface. Unlike web applications, extensions have little or sometimes no UI component.

North Reading Tech Buzz: Chromebook Tips & Tricks

North Reading Tech Buzz: Chromebook Tips & Tricks
Overview Of Session Topics:
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tips For Teaching With Chromebooks
  • Accessibility Features Of Chromebooks
  • Create Tools On Chromebooks
  • Using Soundcloud To Record Student Audio
  • Useful Chrome Apps/Add Ons That Help You On The Chromebook
  • What’s New In Chrome

Chromebook Shortcuts
Tips For Teaching With Chromebooks
Google Add-Ons
  • Thesaurus-Add On Thesaurus In Google Apps
  • Orange Slice Rubric Creator-Teacher Rubric Creator In Google Apps
  • Bibme-Google Apps Add On To Assist Students With Creating Bibliographies
  • Gliffy Diagrams-Online Diagrams and Graphics
Useful Chrome Apps
  • AddToAny-Share to Google Classroom Or Blogger From Your Chrome Browser
  • Geogebra-Web based geometry tools.
  • Ed Puzzle– Engage students with video.
  • SnagIt-Simple screenshots in the cloud.
  • Speechnotes-Great web based voice to text tool.