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Tech Buzz Resources: Google Tools For Research: Middle/High School Edition

Google Tools For Research: Middle/High School Edition This a list of tools, websites, and resources which assist students with organizing resources for research. Some of these tools can be used in the process of research or used to collect search specific statistics. Many can be used within the Google For Education platform or used within …


Art Of The Push In: Helping Teachers Identify Tools When They Need Them

Teachers will not always give clear signals as to when they need help from an instructional technologist or specialist. Teachers who in the course of their busy day are learning new tech skills, teaching their lessons and managing their classroom. They aren’t going to just come out and say “can I learn that new tool …


Digital Learning In The North Reading Public Schools-October 2015 Share

Link To Presentation        Link To Youtube Presentation The month of October has flown by in the digital learning team has done a tremendous amount of work with teachers across the schools.  At the Hood School Digital Learning Specialist Helen Kelly has embraced digital literacy with her co-teaching and use of the web-based tool …