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Week 1: Lesson 1:Introduction To Java For Android Course Blog

Welcome to class! Main Course Document http://bit.ly/javaforandroid Lesson 1: Introduction to Java for Android Development Environment INTRODUCTION In this lesson you will consider the mobile marketplace and specific tools used to build mobile applications. You will be introduced to the components of the Android Operating System and the development tools used to create Android applications. …


Mobile Application Design Curriculum: Creating An Information Architecture System Design For Mobile Applications(Lesson 4)

Introduction: In this lesson you will organize your collected marketing, content and technology based decisions regarding your mobile application. You will learn about the current trends in system design in modern mobile applications. You will apply these components to an organized system design which displays your strategy and intended design for how users will interact …


Mobile Application Curriculum: Intro to Mobile Development Platforms

Introducing students to the variety of common mobile development platforms is a great place to start with mobile development curriculum. The differences between these platforms and the available technology varies with the design approaches for each platform. It is beneficial to introduce students to: 1.Examining different mobile development platforms and their interfaces (Android,iPhone,Windows) and defining …