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Easy Photoshop Basics 2: Adding Text & Layers (hex colors,moving layers,fonts)

In this tutorial the focus is on developing a better understanding of how to edit text, arrange it on the page and format it within a document. You are also shown how to create new layers and choose to have a background color,transparency or pattern. You are also show how to edit the names of …


Easy Photoshop Basics 1: Creating Document Size and Background Size/Elements

In this tutorial the creating of a variety of different sized documents and resolutions in Photoshop are covered. The video covers opening the Photoshop program and choosing the width and height of the document as well as determining how the document is sized in terms of pixels,mm,inches or other format. 3 Keys Provided: Documents created …


Selectively Coloring An Image In Photoshop The Easy Way- Less Than 5 Minutes!

Here is an easy way to selectively color an image in Photoshop to bring attention to those bright colors in a photograph. This is a great effect for the seasoned professional photographer,graphic artist or even just starting out. Basic Steps & Video:  1) In this tutorial it starts with opening an image and duplicating it …