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What’s Next For The “Hour Of Code” Impact In Our Classrooms

During the “Hour Of Code” week of December 7th-11th over 500 students in the North Reading Middle School and High School and all students in the 3 elementary schools participated in a variety programming and coding activities. The Hour of Code is a Global event promoted by the Code.org organization which introduces students to programmatic …


Week 2: Lesson 3: Editing XML, and Viewing it in the Graphical Layout

Lesson 3: Editing XML, and Viewing it in the Graphical Layout INTRODUCTION In this lesson you will develop good habits as a beginning programmer by testing what each piece of code does, and seeing and experimenting with how it works. Through a trial-and-error approach, you will understand how to change certain parts of the code …


Students Leading Ed Tech Change: Drawing Inspiration From The Tech Savvy Student

In my past 8 years of teaching a variety of levels of technology fluent students in the classroom I have become exposed to the variety of different ways that students supplement their knowledge acquisition of technology skills while away from the traditional classroom. I always find it very interesting when speaking with students to discover …