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Hornet Card: “TIM” Matrix-The Technology Integration Matrix Tool

This Hornet Card provides the basic outline of the “TIM” Matrix for identifying different learning environments with educational technology. This is really a powerful rubric for evaluating a range of factors in k-12 technology integration.


April 7-11 Instructional Technology Update Andover High School -Daniel Downs

I have been communicating with teachers around the building this week on how to use Baseline Edge software and complete the uploading and checking off of evaluation documents. This has benefitted teachers with helping them become more familiar with saving and storing important artifacts for their SMART goals. This learning process has been taken on …


Benefits Of Creating Video Lectures & Screencasts-Andover High School Instructional Technology

In the beginning of the school year I had a teacher who is not going to be able to attend parents night but really wanted to connect with parents who came. Our solution for this problem was to have the teacher create a video lecture which contained all the major components of what he spoke …