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Using The “TIM Matrix” For Identifying Best Practices For Digital Learning-Authentic Learning With The iPad In 5th Grade

I have chosen the TIM Matrix as a tool to look more closely at how technology is used across educational settings and with a variety of instructors in my district. By selecting a tool like this I have also selected to get down to the nitty gritty of what I feel is valuable with the …


Hornet Card: “TIM” Matrix-The Technology Integration Matrix Tool

This Hornet Card provides the basic outline of the “TIM” Matrix for identifying different learning environments with educational technology. This is really a powerful rubric for evaluating a range of factors in k-12 technology integration.


Exploring The “Technology Integration Matrix”

 This past week I was able to do my first classroom observation using theTechnology Integration Matrix (TIM). I have wanted to use this tools for a while to be better able to evaluate the classroom environment of technology integration.  This matrix always attracted me due to its ability to cut to the chase on how the student, teacher and …