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What is the New “Hacker Culture” In High Schools

In September of 2013 I initiated work at Andover High School in Andover, Massachusetts with a program called the Andover Innovation Lab & Student Help Desk. Students who participate in the Andover Innovation Lab & Student Run Help desk have an opportunity to explore the programming languages, software, business project or technology driven project of their …


From The Vault: Business Website Outline Planning Sheet For Business Website Introduction-Web Design 2011

As a continuation of the Business Evaluation Website this sheet is the introduction to the outline of the students ideas for a business website This sheet can be used to help students to define the key links in the navigation and the minimum amount of content that should be expected in their design. In this …


From The Vault: Business Website Evaluation Lesson-Web Design 2011

I wanted to share some old lessons as I begin to scan them and add them to my Google Drive Account for safe keeping. I am going to focus on the web design lessons and Sports Marketing lessons as they provided a great amount of student creativity and research. This lesson was first used in …